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Whether here for business or pleasure, don't miss out on exploring the charm and history of Belgium's capital city. For an unforgettable break, make it Brussels, and let Campanile Hotels look after you.

Brussels is a capital city steeped in cultural and political history. In the heart of Belgium and bordering many European countries, such as France and Germany; Brussels is the perfect destination for business or aholiday. In this city, renowned for commerce and political activity, you'll find the Campanile BRUSSEL / BRUXELLES - Airport Zaventem hotel, one of our three city hotels, with seminar rooms and free wifi. Dating back to the 10th century, the city's stunning architecture and attractions - Grand Palace and Parc du Cinquantenaire, to name but two, are waiting to be explored. Striking a balance, ancient landmarks make way for contemporary design, proving that Brussels is an exciting place for all.

Divided into municipalities (boroughs), each with their own character, a cosmopolitan vibe runs throughout the city. French, Flemishand Dutchare spoken by the locals, while their is an increasing population of English orex-pat residents and a large student culture. Though largely urban, Brussels holds many parks and forests for the more rurally-inclined traveller