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Looking to immerse yourself in Belgian history and culture? Then why not choose the city of Liege and Campanile Liege Hotel as your number one destination!

As Belgium’s third largest city, Liege is both the economic capital and the cultural centre of its region, Wallonia . Boasting both a rich, artistic and architectural heritage it is the ideal destination for culture lovers. Situated in the valley of the River Meuse, it lies near Belgium’s eastern borders with Germany and the Netherlands, just a few miles away from Maastricht . It also sits at the crossroads of an important European motor network, linking Paris , Amsterdam and Cologne .

Starting life as a humble chapel built on the River Meuse back in 558, Liege grew into the capital of a principality ruled by prince-bishops in the 10th century. It managed to remain independent for the next 800 years, surviving the reigns of the Burgundians, Spanish and Austrians, before being taken over by the French in 1794 and Dutch in 1815. By 1830 however the Belgian Revolution established an independent Belgium incorporating Liege. A university city today, the hustle and bustle of students among Liege’s historical architecture provides a fine contrast.