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Visit our Campanile hotel to be within easy reach of Colmar, a city rich in culture and history, and its surrounding area.

Located on the German border of France, Colmar is an extremely popular tourist city, renowned for its history, architecture and unique culture. Although technically within the French border, the city has a very Germanic feel to it, having been occupied by the neighbouring country throughout two stages of its history – first between 1871–1918 and then during World War Two. Colmar is considered the second city, after Strasbourg , of the French region of Alsace.

With a very mixed heritage, Colmar offers a great variety of culture - from its many architectural landmarks to its delicious variety of food - and is also considered the capital of the revered Alstatian Wine Route, which runs down the east side of France. Just to the north of the city is Hotel Campanile Colmar Aeroport , the perfect place to begin your exploration of the city and surrounding area.