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It would be hard to choose, but Saint Malo is undeniably in the running for the most beautiful city in France. Find out why with Campanile Hotels.

The beautiful city of Saint Malo began its life in the Middle Ages as a fortified island at the mouth of the Rance River. The city itself originates from a monastic settlement founded in the early 6th Century. Saint Lawrence River – the discoverer of Canada – lived in and sailed from Saint Malo, as did the first colonists of the Falklands. From monks to pirates, it is very clear that Saint Malo has had a vivid and colourful history which has contributed to its modern-day character and charm.

This said, the city as we know it is fairly young; it became the Saint Malo that we know and love in 1967, when the surrounding areas of Saint Servan and coastal Paramé merged together. It is one of the most distinctive cities in all of Brittany and being in close proximity to the UK it is an ideal location to spend some well-earned holiday time. It is in a perfect spot for visiting other areas of France but also boasts enough historical and cultural heritages to give an impression of the country in its own right, leaving many of its visitors truly spoilt for choice.