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Stay at our Campanile Beaune hotel to find out why the city is regarded as the wine capital of Burgundy and explore the surrounding countryside.

Located in mid-eastern France, Beaune is widely regarded as the wine capital of Burgundy. This ancient walled city can be found among scores of wine-making villages in the hills of Cote D’Or. Beaune has plenty of history and is also famous for its art and architecture, but its wine is the reason for most visits. Here, you can see how it is made and sold, taste it and buy it in vast quantities.

In the past, Beaune was home to Romans and French Dukes, something which is reflected in the aesthetics of the town. Now, as well as being the area providing some of the best wines in the world, famous French food and scenery, Beaune is also a wonderful little city to walk around for visitors.