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It may be the famous (and delicious) Dijon mustard that attracted you to Dijon, but that is by no means where the city's story ends. Whether you are looking for a short or long break, Dijon's range of things to do, see and eat will definitely not disappoint.

Situated in the East of France, Dijon is merely a train journey away from France’s capital, Paris, and an hour’s drive North of Besancon. Its ideal location only adds to the wealth of art, culture, and history to be found in the very heart of the city. All things considered, there is no way you'll be short of things to see and do. Dijon is the perfect location for a holiday that combines modern pleasures and attractions with hundreds of years of history.

While the city was a hub for painters, sculptors and musicians of the Gothic and early Renaissance periods, the University on its outskirts attracts contemporary talent, too. This mix of young and old in the city has given way to a whole host of cultural events, activities and exhibitions, meaning that there is almost definitely something to attract a keen tourist's eye. But don't be put off by all the commotion; vehicle-free central streets calm its cultural hustle and bustle, so after a long day of sightseeing you can be sure to relax in the city's many bars and restaurants.