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Blois is quaint city found in the Loir-et-Cher department of the French Centre region . Come and visit with Campanile Hotels!

Blois is the capital of the Loir-et-Cher department, which is located in the French Centre Region. It is situated on the Loire River, halfway between the cities of Tours and Orleans. It has a population of around 49,000. 

Blois' history dates back to the year 410 AD, when the Breton chief Luomadus expelled the people who were living there beforehand. During the Middle Ages the city was the headquarters of a French count. The city became a royal residence for François I and his successors. In 1588, the Duke of Guise was assassinated in the Blois castle during the General State of the Kingdom. Throughout the 16th century many queens resided in Blois and in the 17th century the city even served as refuge for various exiled princes and princesses including Marie de Medici, Gaston d’Orleans and Marie-Casimir of Poland.