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Bourges is a quaint and historic French city located in the Cher department of the Centre region. Come and visit with Campanile Hotels !

Bourges is a city located in the Cher department of the French Centre region. With around 67,000 urban inhabitants, and a greater metropolitan population of 124,000, it is the largest city of its department and the third largest of its region, after Tours and Orleans. Bourges is about 240km south of Paris. It is located at the crossing of several rivers: the Yèvre, the Voiselle, the Auron and the Moulon. This explains the prominent marshlands that surround the medieval city.

In 52 BC, the Biturige people allied with the Averni people to try and fight off the Roman invaders, however their efforts were in vain. For a time integrated into the Roman Empire, the area, known as Berry, remained partially independent until it was all sold to King Philip I of France in 1096. Several dukes resided in the Berry region throughout the Middle Ages, including Charles VII, who later was named the “King of Bourges”. The city today is relatively urban with a number of schools and various factories.