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Want a break ? The centrally located Chateauroux is a French city of heritage and beauty, discover it with Campanile Hotels.

Situated in central France and the capital of the Indre department, Chateauroux is a city essentially located within a huge garden. It was founded and named by the Princes Deols in 937 and its name is derived from Chateau Raoul. The town today still shows remnants of its history as a town of clothmakers and tanners. Although the arrival of the train in 1847 marked the industrialisation of Chateauroux, green areas and forests still dominate its landscape.

Chateauroux is bordered by Chateauroux Forest and the Brenne National Park, which surround the Old Town centre. Both the King of France and the King of England utilised Chateauroux as ‘a pawn’ in the 12th century and the city now hosts a museum with archaeology and fine art collections. The city has also preserved the mould of its medieval streets and, with greenery set against its great heritage, Chateauroux is a French delight.