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Looking for a break? Vierzon, in the Cher department, has much to offer along with Campanile Hotels.

In central France on the banks of the Cher River, the medium sized commune of Vierzon can be found. To the north of the town there are areas of farming and forestry while the town itself is home to a number of light industrial projects. The town was hit hard in World War Two, effectively being divided into two parts: the north was occupied while the south was considered a free zone. Vierzon was later liberated in 1944.

In 1847 the first railway reached the Vierzon and since then the town has witnessed the development of an SNCF hub, while Vierzon’s industrial past is peppered with china factories, equipment manufacturers and ironworks, but the town saw the disappearance of these types of industrial outlets in the 1970s. This caused a surge in unemployment, but today the rate has been reduced and Vierzon is now a French Centre region town worth exploring.