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Located on the Seine River about 180km south-east of Paris, Troyes is rich in both history and culture. Come and visit with Campanile Hotels!

Troyes is a French commune located in the Aube department, in the north-eastern Champagne-Ardenne region. With a population of 61,188 inhabitants (known as Troyens), the city of Troyes is the second most populated in Champagne-Ardennes after the city of Reims. It is about 180km south-east of Paris, or around 2 hours by car. The city is established on sedimentary soils that consist of modern and ancient alluvial deposits over which a cretaceous chalk has formed from the remains of calcareous organisms. As the name of the region implies, the land surrounding the city is perfect for growing champagne grapes, and the old mines once used for mining chalk are now perfect for the entire champagne-bottling process. But that is not all. The city is today also known for its beautiful forests and parks. What's more, the beautiful Seine river passes through the city, so you can spend some of your time walking along the banks.

Troyes has a rich history, from the Tricasses tribes to the liberation of the city at the end of WWII, passing by the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (451 AD), the Synods of Troyes (867), or even the marriage of Henry V to Catherine of France. The city has also made a name for itself for its Champagne fairs and its rich architectural patrimony. Textiles, developed from the 18th century to the 1960s, have played a large part in Troyes’ economy, which has for a long time been built around trade and industrialisation.