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Need a break ? In the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, Beziers has much to offer you during a stay with Campanile Hotels.

Beziers is a town in southern France located in the Languedoc region on a hill which eventually ends at the River Orb. A short distance from the Mediterranean, Beziers was founded in 36 BC when it became a Roman colony and over time the town has further relied on the strength of its trade – particularly in wine, after the local winegrowers invented the amphora, a container used to carry wine in a ship’s hold.

The town’s history is blotted by the Massacre that occurred in the 13th century, killing 20,000 people, both Cathers and Catholics. The town began repairing in 1215 following the carnage had left the town in tatters and this continued until the 15th century. Beziers is currently one of the areas in the Languedoc area that rarely pops up on tourists' radars, so with historic streets and heritage aplenty, it is perfect for a quiet break.