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Thinking of a trip to the South of France ? Come and stay in a Campanile hotel and discover the beauty and charm of Montpellier.

The eighth largest city of France, lively Montpellier is located 6 miles inland from the Mediterranean coast. The hot summers which the city enjoys means it is the perfect place to spend time on its large sandy beaches. The perfect trip to enjoy both the tranquillity of the beach and a bustling cultural centre, many choose to stay in the Campanile Montpellier Ouest Hotel which is close to both.

The city’s prime location meant it became an important trading and economic centre in the 12th century, with links across the rest of the Mediterranean world. In more recent years, it has established itself as an industrial area. It is also said to be the fastest growing French city in the last 25 years, with the population rising steeply in the 1960s when French settlers in Algeria resettled there following the nation's independence.