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Discover the city's eclectic mix of old and new by staying at the Campanile Metz hotel.

Nestled in the north-eastern corner of France - where the country borders Germany and Luxembourg - and also at the merging of two rivers, Metz is certainly a cultural paradise. It is the capital of the Lorraine region of France; this importance is reflected in its stunning architecture and 3000-year history the residents are extremely eager for you to explore and discover. What better location to sample both Romantic and Germanic culture ?

The 48-year period that Metz was part of the German Empire saw the erection of some its most impressive buildings. Merovingian, Carolingian, Gregorian, Celtic and Gallo-Roman influences have all shaped the city’s character and unmistakable charm. That being said, its amenities, activities, and cultural hotspots are far from outdated. Chic boutiques, high street style shops, swanky bars and cafés all contribute to the pull of visitors both young and old. With both ancient history and 21st Century luxury within easy reach, Metz is undeniably worth visiting and will certainly not disappoint.