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Visit Nancy, a city perfect for those wishing for a truly authentic French experience. Book your stay with Campanile hotels for an unforgettable break.

Clean and prestigious Nancy has an atmosphere like no other found in France. Nestled in the country’s north-eastern corner near to the borders of Germany and Luxembourg, Nancy is a city that boasts a location central to Europe and therefore ideal for exploring the rest of this culture-rich continent. The Art Nouveau movement flourished in Nancy and since then the arts has continued to grow, with even the city’s most mundane shop fronts and side streets glittering with artistic flair. While being modern and luxurious, the earliest signs of settlement in Nancy date back as far as 8th Century BC and the signs of this are still visible in the city today.

Nancy (although called Nanciacum) was born out of a small fortified settlement. The city has been built and rebuilt over centuries and therefore provides visitors with an eclectic mix of period houses and architecture from many different cultures. Today Nancy is a hub for industrial, financial and academic success and an ideal spot for visitors to France as well as the rest of Europe.