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Set in the heart of the Artois region, discover what Arras has to offer while staying with Campanile Hotels.

Arras was founded by the Belgic tribe of the Atrebates on the hill of Baudimont, and is the capital of the Pas-de-Calais department. The Scarpe river runs through Arras, which is situated in the middle of the Artois region and it is now considered one of the most alluring towns in northern France. In 1180 the town was granted a commercial charter by the French crown and subsequently became a main hub for both banking and trade.

By the 14th century Arras had grown in affluence thanks to its cloth and wool industry and, in particular, its fine tapestry production. However, possession of the town was incessantly disputed along with the entire surrounding area of Artois. The city faced further turmoil with heavy damage during the First World War, but ultimately recovered to today show very few scars of it’s turbulent history, and on the contrary, is now a place of genuine beauty.