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Located in the Calvados department, Bayeux is a French delight worth discovering while staying with Campanile Hotels.

Bayeux is a French commune of the Calvados department, lower Normandy. With a population of just 16,000, Bayeux is famed for being the home of the Bayeux tapestry, a visual depiction of the Norman conquest of England. In the 1944 Battle of Normandy Bayeux was the first French town to experience liberation from Nazi hold, and furthermore survived from this relatively unharmed. Bayeux is located just seven kilometres from the coast of the English Channel.

Following the town’s liberation in the Second World War, Charles de Gaulle made the first of his two major speeches from Bayeux, during which he stressed that the French sided with the Allies. There are 4648 graves in the Bayeux War Cemetery, the majority of them British, many of whom were killed in the invasion of Normandy. What Bayeux lacks in vast land mass it more than makes up for in history, making this northern French town an absorbing destination for a break.