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Dieppe is on the Channel coast of France, just north of Rouen and is a tourist resort treasured by both the English and the Parisians. Renowned for its scallops, Dieppe has preserved just minimal architectural from it’s golden period, yet still retains a certain charm. It was first acknowledged as a fishing village back in 1030 and was highly fought over in the Hundred Years’ War.

Parisians' fondness for Dieppe is in part due to it being the nearest port to the French capital and since 1970 the passenger services between England and Dieppe have positively enhanced the town’s prosperity. Dieppe’s uniqueness is owed to all its basins being connected to the town. Theoretical expansion plans had arisen over time, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the new basins appeared, making Dieppe genuinely charismatic.