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In the Val d'Oise department, Roissy is a delightful commune waiting to be explored while staying at Campanile Hotels.

Roissy, or in full, Roissy-en-France, is a commune in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris, and a quarter of the city’s airport is located in the territory of Roissy. Its population grew significantly between 1982-2007. The commune had just 1,401 inhabitants at the beginning of the 80s and that figure rose, but less than doubled, to 2,537, still reflecting a tiny pocket within the capital.

The word ‘France’ in Roissy-en-France does not refer to the country in which it is found. It is rather a reference to an area (pays) within Île de France known as ‘pays de France’. It may be a very small French commune but there is still lots to do. guided tours of the area are highly recommended and allow visitors to explore the surrounding villages, which are all said to ‘have their own story’.