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Looking for a break ? Chantilly is ideal for you as you unravel its history with Campanile Hotels.

Chantilly is found in the metropolitan area of Paris and is a commune within the department of Oise. This small city is at the heart of an urban area that includes other communes such as Coye-la-Forêt, Lamorlaye and Gouvieux, and with these other communes they form an area of 36,000 inhabitants. The city is known for the historic Château de Chantilly, which was the home of the cousins of the kings of France, the Princes of Condé.

The city bred from the famous château when the Prince de Condé built a road, now known as the rue du Connétable. Over time this became the nucleus of the new town with the development of workshops - for the artisans of the chateau - and guesthouses, built on either side, and then upon request from his father, Grand Condé’s son built the church of Notre Dame. Today, Chantilly is a real crowd pleaser with its chateau and magnificent green areas. Book yourself into the Campanile Chantilly Hotel for a relaxing stay at the edge of the forest.