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Need a break ? Why not visit the fantastic heritage on offer in Senlis along with its surrounding area with Campanile Hotels.

A French commune in the Oise departement near the capital, Senlis has welcomed some of French history’s most famed figures, including Louis IX, Anne of Kiev and Séraphine de Senlis. In defence against Frankish invasion, a seven-metre defensive wall was erected during the third century and parts of it are still in use today, with others out of use since the 13th century.

Through time, Monarchs of the early French dynasty lived here and many were attracted by its proximity to the Chantilly Forest. Senlis is situated on the river Nonette, sandwiched between the forests of Chantilly and Ermenonville while the highest point of the town is located at the centre of the Hallette forest. Its status as a city fell in the 12th century, but today, due to its historical connections with the French monarchy, the town masquerades as a genuine tourist pull. The Campanile Senlis Hotel is located just 2km from the city centre, ideal for your stay.