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Whether it is short or long term, Campanile Hotels will complement your stay in the Cannes region.

We initially associate Cannes with its world-renowned annual film festival, but the city, located in the Alpes-Maritimes, has more to offer than just this prestigious event. As early as the 2nd century BC, the Ligurian Oxybii – untranslatable according to historians – established the area as a fishing village so the greatness of this once diminutive parish is quite remarkable. By 1035 the city was known as Cannes and it has since continued to flourish.

The 20th century began to witness the arrival of luxury hotels and more of the structure Cannes is famous for today. Winter tourism was soon trumped by summer tourism and the inaugural film festival was held in the Casino Municipal in 1946. With much more than just the glamorous film festival to whet the appetite, Cannes has become one of the most effervescent cities in Europe and now reflects a cultural hotspot.