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Explore the ancient Roman history of Provence's Orange with Campanile.

The commune of Orange, located in south-east France’s Vaucluse department, carries with it a long and rich history that stretches across Europe and around the globe. Roman Orange was first settled by veterans of the second legion in 35 BC, creating a miniature replica of Rome with scaled down versions of its public buildings, including the theatre, temple and forum. It became a bishopric in the fourth century.

In 1544 the title Prince of Orange was inherited by the Dutch William the Silent, count of Nassau, creating the House of Nassau-Orange which still rules Holland to this day. This launched it into the protestant side of the War of Religions, during which the town was damaged. William III, Prince of Orange, became William III of England in 1689 and embarked on several wars with the catholic king of France. The town was eventually ceded to France in 1713’s Treaty of Utrecht.