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Campanile Hotels can guarantee you a pleasant stay in Bourg-en-Bresse as you unwind in eastern France.

Since the revolution, the eastern French commune of Bourg-en-Bresse has been the capital of the Ain department. It is located 70km north-east of Lyon and is located on the left bank of the Reyssouze River. Although Roman remains were uncovered here, its early history is still relatively vague. In the 15th century it was chosen to become the chief city of the Bresse province by the dukes of Savoy.

Duke Philibert Emmanuel built a citadel to withstand assaults from the French who returned with another attack in 1600. The citadel was subsequently demolished to leave no trace remaining in the present day. The town was ultimately yielded to France just a year later. Today, the shopping streets that wind down the town’s hillside are full of life and still decorated in much history. Bourg-en-Bresse has lakes, forests and cycleways offsetting the mix of middle-aged to modern architecture.