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Need a short break? Campanile Hotels can host your stay in the tranquil commune of Montélimar.

A commune in the Drome department of south-eastern France, Montélimar is the second largest city in the department after Valence. During the Middle Ages, The Adhémar family held supremacy over the city, and with it built the Château des Adhémar which is still a distinguished element of the town’s physical profile. The town is generally regarded as the global capital of nougat and travellers bought nougat de Montélimar on their journeys towards southern France.

The city is also famed for red wine, olives and carpets amongst other things, and the town was welcomed into the modern day with the local development of transport. The construction of the A7 autoroute in 1968 was a key entry in the town’s history, though it had a negative effect on the town’s nougat factories as many tourists now bypass the commune of Montélimar. The town is a place of beauty and heritage in equal measure, and is a recommended destination.