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A quaint city in the Drôme department, Valence is located in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. Stop in and visit with Campanile Hotels !

Valence is a quaint city located in the Drôme department of the French Rhone-Alpes region. It is the 5th most populated city of the region, with around 64,500 inhabitants, known as “Valentinois” or “Valentinoises”. Located in the Rhône Valley, Valence is equi-distant from Lyon, Grenoble, Saint-Étienne and Orange.

Founded in 121 BC, Valentia (as it was called at the time) quickly became one of the biggest crossroads after Lyon. The city officially became part of the Kingdom of France in 1446. In 1452, the Valence University was founded by the Dauphin Louis II, the future Louis XI, and welcomed teachers, booksellers and printers. During the 18th century, the city became very oriented around the military, which is proved by the fact that the Artillery School counts Napoleon Bonaparte amongst its graduates. After the Armenian Genocide (1918-1921), many Armenians sought refuge in Valence, where 1 in 10 people today are of Armenian descent. Much of the city’s architecture dates from the 19th and 20th centuries, the original building having been destroyed and rebuilt over the years.