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With 1.2 million annual visitors, Amersfoort is a major tourist destination. The city’s medieval history and cultural heritage make it a terrific holiday destination. Come see all the city has to offer, while staying at the Campanile Hotel Amersfoort.

Located in the northern Dutch province of Utrecht, Amersfoort is a growing city with a long history, dating back to medieval times. Amersfoort acquired city status in 1259 and was expanded in the 14th and 15th century. The city had a thriving textile and brewing industry during the Middle Ages, and by the 18th century, tobacco had become a major anchor for the economy. The creation of a railway connection slowed the city’s decline in the 19th century.

Due to its location, Amersfoort was chosen as the site for many army outposts, which historically served to protect the western half of the Netherlands. During WWII, the invading Germany army confronted the Dutch forces in Amersfoort for four days, before taking over the city. Thanks in part to government efforts, the population has doubled in the last 40 years. The city is now a major tourist destination and the Campanile Hotel Amersfoort offers great value for your stay.