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Learn about the history of a nation with Campanile Hotel Delft in Holland.

The typically Dutch city of Delft, in South Holland, makes for a wonderful city break steeped in history. Positioned in between Rotterdam and The Hague , Delft features traditional Dutch canals, a historic town centre, and is famous for its ceramic pottery products, styled on the Chinese porcelain of the 17th century. Beginning as a rural village in the early middle ages, Delft grew into a city, receiving its charter in the 13th century.

In 1572 William of Orange, known as William the Silent, took up residency in Delft. William was leader of the growing Dutch resistance against the Spanish occupation and Delft, with its city walls, was an ideal headquarters. The city became de facto capital of the Netherlands once it gained independence. When William was shot dead in the city’s Prinsenhof he was buried in Delft, starting a tradition that Dutch royalty adhere to to this day.