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One of the most beautiful and historical cities in the south of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is a great destination for your vacation. Come and enjoy it while staying in a Campanile hotel!

The fifth largest city in the Netherlands, Eindhoven is located in the province of North Brabant and has a population of around 217,000 people, or 261,000 if neighbouring Veldhoven is included.

The name Eindhoven comes from the two words Eind - a typicial prefix for place names meaning "end" or "last" - and hove - a piece of land that was leased to individuals by a local lord. Although the city is today very modern, Eindhoven is in fact one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands, first chartered in 1232. The city has been destroyed and rebuilt over the years and was under the rulership of different countries until it became part of the Netherlands definitively in 1629. The Industrial Revolution led to huge changes in Eindhoven with the construction of railroads, canals and roads. Industrial activities boomed with the rise of lighting/electronics with Phillips, founded in 1891. In the early 1900s the market shifted towards car manufacturing, and eventually engineering.Today, Eindhoven has emerged as a the capital of Dutch industrial design.