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Intrigued to discover a slice of Dutch history and culture? Then make sure the city of Leeuwarden and Campanile Leeuwarden Hotel is your number one destination!

Leeuwarden is the capital of the Dutch Province Friesland , located in the north-west of the country. The famous ‘Afsluitdijk’ connects the city to the provinces in the west and to Amsterdam . The city lies just inland from Friesland’s immaculate coast line in which the Waddensea separates the mainland from the many West Frisian Islands. The surrounding lakes and islands of the area provide a huge draw for tourism

Leeuwarden has been occupied since the tenth century – although remains of houses dating back to the second century have been found. It was first granted a town charter in 1435 and became capital of the region Friesland in 1504. Situated along the Middelzee, an estuary of the North Sea, it was an active trade centre until the waterway silted up in the 15th century. Around this time the city was considered to be one of the ten most important cities in the Netherlands. Several monuments and buildings still testify to that period, with the city's 90,000 population proud of that feat today.