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Zwolle is the capital city of the Overijssel region , in the Netherlands. It was an important and rich city during medieval times and as such still has some of the Netherland's most beautiful and well preserved buildings. Whether you are looking for a romantic break or a family holiday, you will adore this charming city. Zwolle is built on a hill surrounded by four rivers: The Ijssel, Aa, Vecht and Zwarte Water. The quaint old town is protected by a star-shaped moat which is fed by the Zwarte Water.

Zwolle is home to the Peperbus church tower which, at 75m high, is one of the tallest and most famous in the Netherlands. The views from the top are breathtaking. Zwolle is a pretty city with charming narrow streets nestled between lush countryside and blue skies. On Fridays and Saturdays there is a large open air market in the city centre and by night the city's many bridges are lit up enchantingly.