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Need a cultural break? Krakow is a place deep in heritage. Let Campanile Hotels accompany you during your stay and discover this inspiring and humbling place.

In the Lesser Poland region, Krakow is not only the second largest city, but also one of the oldest cities in the country. Sitting on the Vistula River in Poland’s southern region, Krakow boasts five nature reserves, which, owing to their environmental worth, are all legally protected. The city’s location is steeped in geographic importance. For one, it borders the Jurassic Bielany-Tyniec refuge, and another segment of the city is in the ‘ecological corridor’ of the aforementioned Vistula River Valley.

Once the capital of Poland, from 1038 to 1569, Krakow is now the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship , and after beginning life as hamlet it has since experienced major expansion. Complementing its tradition as a leading axis for academia and artistic life, Krakow is also one of the country’s pivotal economic centres. Krakow Old Town was on the inaugural list of World Heritage Sites in 1978 and is now positioned as a top European destination.