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Lodz really has it all – steeped in history with plenty of modern-day charm, it is the ideal Polish destination to discover with Campanile hotels.

As the second largest Polish city, Lodz has a very unique atmosphere and charm to it. This is clear from the moment you arrive. It is often likened to the English city of Manchester due to its large size and the textile production traditions that have built up its distinctive character. Lodz was granted city rights as early as 1423 and was also a hub of activity during World War Two, making it the perfect location to explore and discover Poland’s history as well as what it is like for the 742,000 people that live there in the present day.

Production and industry have been slowly moving away from textiles since the early 1990s – now, business and tourism are on the rise. This is your chance to visit Lodz before tourists arrive in their thousands. After struggling with many difficulties, particularly during the war, this city – steeped in Jewish history – is sensitively opening its doors for exploration, education and discovery. Those uninterested in history can still find many activities and experiences to keep them occupied.