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Ready for a city break? Why not delve into Polish culture in the ancient city of Poznan?

Poznan, one of Poland’s oldest cities, is full of historical intrigue and modern day excitement. Situated in west-central Poland, on the Warta River, Poznan was the capital of the country's earliest rulers. It is often referred to as Poland’s first capital. The Warta runs north to south through the city, splitting in the middle to create Cathedral Island, home to the oldest cathedral in Poland, built in the 10th century.With a tumultuous history, Poznan is the district capital and has always been an important centre of trade, industry and education. In the 17th century the city was ravaged by a series of wars and frequent floods, fires and outbreaks of the plague. At the end of the 1700s Poznan became part of the Kingdom of Prussia, and later part of the German Empire, before coming back under Polish control after WW1.