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Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Campanile Hotels provides the platform for a Szczecin break.

Szczecin, in the north-west of Poland, is the country’s seventh largest city and is also the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship . It sits on the Oder River and on the south-western coast of the D?bie Lake. Although during wartime the medieval centre of Szczecin was ruined, remnants of many wonderful structures still remain. Szczecin’s charm is mainly due to it being half made up of water and vegetation. Szczecin’s tag of being a crucial seaport means it attracts mainly business visitors, but it also masquerades as an intriguing tourist spot. There are many parks bursting with greenery, the reason for it being known as the green city, and the nightlife, centred around the city’s bustling bars is another tourist pull. It is the biggest urban area in the region and Szczecin has lots to offer, whether you are visiting for business or pleasure.