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Want to visit Murcia, in the south-east corner of Spain? Book into a Campanile hotel to explore the remarkable city and surrounding area.

Situated in the south-east of Spain, Murcia is a culture-rich city, set a short journey from vast, unspoilt coastland. The city was founded 825 AD by Moors (Arabs), who built Mursiya on a Roman colony site. Although it has changed greatly, Murcia has retained a number of Moorish heritage sites to this day. Outside the city, the region on Murcia is a place where sandy beaches meet mountains and acres of fertile land for growing the region’s citrus fruits.Nestled between Alicante to the north and Almeria to the south, Murcia is a quiet alternative to the well-trodden tourist hot-spots in the south of the country. But, with a stunning cathedral, cafés and restaurants serving up a variety of delicious Spanish dishes, vibrant shopping areas and a collection of excellent museums, Murcia has plenty to offer. Alternatively, the Costa Calida (Warm Coast) offers a seaside retreat, just 50km to the east.