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A pleasant town situated in the corner of England. You must come and visit with Campanile Hotels!

Kingston upon Hull, referred to generally as just Hull, is a city in the Yorkshire and Humber region of north-west England. It is located on the River Hull and is 40km from the North Sea. Hull has a population of around 256,000, with a great metropolitan population of 573,000. It is 248km north of London and has a rather volatile climate.

In 1299, the city was named Kings town upon Hull by King Edward I. At that time, it served largely as a trading port town. Hull was a battleground during the English Civil Wars of the 17th century, and in the 18th century, one of its representative members of Parliament, William Wilberforce, played an important part in the abolition of the slave trade. It became a market town and eventually an industrial metropolis. The city suffered heavy damage during WWII, but over the years its population has made a continuous effort to regenerate economic growth.