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A vibrant, multi-cultural paradise only a stone's throw away from England's capital, Leicester is a great place to visit with Campanile hotels.

Sitting right in the heart of the country and just east of the M1, Leicester is a city jam-packed full of charm. It has everything you could want out of an English holiday. In Leicester, the hustle and bustle of a thriving University town meets residents of diverse multi-cultural heritage, meaning there is always something going on. The smells, sights and sounds of the city entice you – it’s a melting pot of culture on a far more manageable scale than London meaning you can reasonably see lots of the things you want to see.

Leicester has had an exciting history. Around since Roman times, it has undergone many changes both architecturally and in terms of its population. The industrial revolution, World War Two and the immigration of many Asian and African Caribbean families have all, in their own way, left tangible marks on the city’s character and bubbly atmosphere. As the UK’s fourteenth largest urban area its mix of culture, history and leisure facilities will certainly not disappoint.