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With a rich regional heritage, understated Northampton is a fantastic place to explore. Find out why by booking your stay with your Campanile Hotel.

Situated about 70 miles north-west of the country’s capital, London and about 50 miles south of Birmingham Northampton is a market town with plenty of historic and modern-day charm. This makes it the perfect location to visit and from which to gain a lasting impression of England (or, indeed, for English families to relax and unwind). Northampton lies on the River Nene in the East Midlands region of the country. History of settlement in the Northampton region dates back as far as the 6th Century, with developments and expansions taking place ever since – it is now the UK’s third largest town without official city status.

With a history of trade (particularly boots and shoes), Northampton’s industrial past has become part of its 21st Century character and charm, with many of the houses and other buildings paying homage to its manufacturing history. With a population under 30,000 in 2011, Northampton is the perfect holiday destination for those seeking to sample traditional English life without the chaos of our capital city.